I Am Yohannes Nigusie a Developer a Designer

A passionate Full Stack Engineer based in Maryland, USA.

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Hi, I'm Yohannes Nigusie. A Passionate Full Stack Engineer.

I am a creative Full Stack Engineer based in Maryland, USA, with several years of professional experience. My passion and dedication drive me to build premium websites that adhere to the latest web standards.

As a detail-oriented Full Stack Engineer, I excel at interpreting blueprints, collaborating with others, and meeting production deadlines. I am adept at quickly learning new processes, technologies, and tools. With strong organizational and time management skills, I am self-motivated to continually enhance my skills and stay current in the ever-evolving field.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6, React.js, Angular.js, Nodejs, Typescript, C#
Bootstrap, Tailwind, SASS, jQuery, AJAX, Redux, Mongoose, Express.js, .NET Framework
MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Firebase, Azure DevOps, AWS

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What I Offer

Web Development

I do some research before diving into development, picking the best path for the job ahead.

Quick Learner

I possess a proactive attitude towards continuous learning, demonstrating the ability to swiftly acquire new skills.

On Time

I consistently ensure timely completion of all assigned projects with a strong sense of responsibility.


Collaborate on website design, development, and testing, including code writing with clients or management.

Fully Responsive

I design websites for every screen size available and I make sure it looks great on every device.


I'm always easy to reach and ready to help with any questions or support you might need, ensuring smooth communication.




Team Work


Project Management




All React & Tailwind JavaScript & CSS Full-Stack


Amazon Clone

Explore sophisticated online shopping with Amazon Clone—crafted with ReactJS and Tailwind CSS for seamless style and functionality. Enjoy smooth state management through Redux, a responsive NodeJS and Express backend, and secure transactions with Firebase authentication and Stripe gateway. Amazon Clone delivers a streamlined, secure, and stylish online shopping experience.

Netflix Clone

Netflix Clone meticulously duplicates the functionality of the netflix.com website, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, and incorporating robust Firebase authentication. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates YouTube Data API to play movie trailers and boasts a responsive design with Tailwind CSS.

Evangadi Student Forum

Evangadi-Forum is a full-stack application designed for students. It facilitates question posting, comment submission, and interaction through features such as liking questions and comments. The platform offers real-time notifications, profile picture customization, and password management. Developed with ReactJS, NodeJS, Express, and MySQL, Evangadi-Forum ensures a robust and professional user experience.

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